• As a web designer, I always tell our clients that pictures can really make or break a website. Time and again, Aaron has helped bring to life the work that our clients do, which helps us to create visually appealing websites that stand out among the rest. His work is superb, he truly is an expert in his field and he is always a pleasure to work with.

    Anne Blanchette
    Anne Blanchette RI Web Gurus
  • I have been working with Aaron for twenty-five years. I say “with”, because Aaron takes the time to understand the artisan’s underlying parti upon which an architectural design is derived, before he begins to express the object in his own photography. That is unique, appreciated, and is reflected in the quality of his final imagery.

    David Andreozzi
    David Andreozzi Andreozzi Architects
  • Aaron's attention to detail shows through in his photography and post-editing. The rooms we build are very challenging to photograph yet Aaron is able to consistently capture them perfectly. His photographs are commonly the highlight of our marketing pieces; he is a professional to work with and his experience shines through in all aspects of the project process.

    Heather Conover
    Heather Conover Constant Technologies Inc.
  • Aaron and I have collaborated on two book projects documenting historic residential structures in New England. I find that he easily grasped my intended focus on each of these projects, while at the same time adding intelligent and well-considered suggestions that improved the imagery of these works immeasurably. Throughout my career I have worked with many photographers, but I put Aaron at the top of the list because of his skilled professionalism, coupled with an approach that creates a comfortable, yet highly creative work environment.

    Michael C. Kathrens Architectural Historian
  • I am smitten, captivated, smiling. There’s so much to love about this post, about this work. I find that abstract works leave room for the viewer to come in and make themselves at home. (Is my Southernness showing?) These are beautiful, and I’m glad they are in black and white because quite often I find color, like words, rather limiting. Thank you for for the work you do and for sharing it here, Aaron.

    ( Comment left on www.anngrassopatternart.com where I was a guest blogger discussing Ice Abstractions. )

    Jeanne Artist/Blogger
  • I have worked with Aaron Usher on quite a few historical preservation projects since 1994 when we first worked together on a documentary and photographic study of two early 20th-century bridges RIDOT was planning to replace. What I discovered all those years ago was that Aaron was far more demanding in setting up the content of the shots than I was. Many photographic recordations, (initially with 4x5 film and then digitally with standards we helped establish for RIHRA) of bridges, mills, and engineering structures have come and gone since those days and I still find the same striving for a perfect image—one that tells exactly the story that we want to impart and is also a thing of beauty. A few years back I worked on a National Landmark nomination for the murals and stained glass of a 19th-century church in Newport designed by John La Farge. Aaron produced a remarkable document of interior and exterior views of this church. These photos served in no small measure to make the case to the National Park Service that the Newport Congregational Church was indeed a Historic Landmark. I have been very fortunate to call Aaron a colleague and friend for almost 25 years, even considering his proclivity to humorously quote classic rock music lyrics on the job!

    Ned Connors Historical Preservation Consultant

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